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NAI Susceptibility Reference Panel

The Antiviral Group (isirv-AVG) has developed a new panel of sensitive and resistant reference viruses to be used as controls for the standardisation of neuraminidase inhibition assays. The panel consists of four pairs of sensitive/resistant viruses - one former seasonal H1N1 pair, one H1N1pdm09 pair, one H3N2 pair and one B pair. Details regarding the viruses, their NA mutations, and the expected IC50 values in different neuraminidase inhibition assays are included in the panel leaflet below.

The reference panel is available free of charge to laboratories for internal research, non-commercial purposes only. We do, however, request that the receiving laboratory covers the cost of shipment. The panel is supplied without a material transfer agreement (MTA) and should not be distributed to third parties.

If you would like to obtain the virus reference panel, please contact isirv-AVG.


Reference Panel Technical Information

The panel leaflet provides technical information on the genotypes of the eight human influenza A and B viruses, storage and growth instructions, and IC50 values.

If you have any queries about the isirv-AVG Reference Panel, please contact us.