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 Q1 / 2017

Antiviral resistance

Selection of multi-drug resistant influenza A and B viruses under zanamivir pressure and their replication fitness in ferrets

The neuraminidase mutations, E119D in influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and E117D in influenza B viruses which conferred resistance to zanamivir, oseltamivir, peramivir and laninamivir were found to arise under zanamivir pressure. The E119D variants were genetically unstable and the assessment of the replication fitness in the ferret model of influenza infection show that both E119D and E117D variants have reduced viral fitness…read more

The I427T neuraminidase (NA) substitution, located outside the NA active site of an influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 variant with reduced susceptibility to NA inhibitors, alters NA properties and impairs viral fitness

Using reverse genetics, recombinant viruses harbouring the NA mutations, I427T/Q313R were found to be resistant to multiple neuraminidase inhibitors (oseltamivir, zanamivir, peramivir and laninamivir). However, these mutations were associated with a reduction in NA activity and compromised replication fitness in vitro and in vivo… read more 


Clinical reports

Pharmacokinetics of oral and intravenous oseltamivir treatment of severe influenza B virus infection requiring organ replacement therapy

Pharmacokinetics analysis of oseltamivir therapy in two patients with severe influenza B infection and multi-organ failure showed that a higher dosage of 100 mg oseltamivir when given intravenously achieved a stable systemic concentration compared to the standard oral dose of 75 mg or 40 mg. Additionally, the higher dosage of oseltamivir (100 mg) decreases viral shedding and improves clinical symptoms of the treated patient…read more


Investigational antivirals

Inhibition of influenza A virus infection by ginsenosides

Using both in vitro and in vivo model of influenza infection, ginseng-derived compound in particular, Rb1 ginsenoside displayed antiviral properties by interfering with viral binding…read more  


Review articles

Antiviral therapy for respiratory viral infections in immunocompromised patients

A review on the existing and investigational antivirals used in the treatment of respiratory viral infection in immunocompromised patients…read more

Investigational hemagglutinin-targeted influenza virus inhibitors

A review summarising antivirals which target influenza hemagglutinin protein for the treatment of influenza in the clinics…read more

Prepared by: Dr. Ding Oh (WHO Collaborating Centre for Influenza, Melbourne) 

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