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Forthcoming Influenza and Antiviral Conferences  
Symposium on the 1918-19 Pandemic Mid 2018, Francis Crick Institute, London

Pandemic 2nd International Meeting on Respiratory Pathogens

7-9 March 2018, Singapore

5th ISIRV-AVG Conference   Prevention and Treatment of RVIs: Antivirals, Traditional Therapies and Host-Directed Interventions
14-16 June 2017, Regal East Asia Hotel,Shanghai,China.
Recent Influenza and Antiviral Conferences
GISAID-ISIRV-WHO Workshop: Genetic Analyses of Influenza Viruses
29 August 2016, Chicago, USA
ISIRV: Options for the Control of Influenza IX
24-28 August 2016, Chicago, USA
4th ISIRV-AVG Conference: Novel Antiviral Therapies for Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses - Bench to Bedside  2-4 June, Austin, Texas, USA

International Meeting on Respiratory Pathogens

2-4 September 2015, Singapore

27th International Conference on Antiviral Research (ICAR)  12-16 May, North Carolina, USA
3th ISIRV-AVG:Influenza and Other Respiratory Virus Infections:
Advances in Clinical Management
4-6 June, Tokyo, Japan
Influenza 2014
9-11 September, Oxford, UK
The 5th ESWI Influenza Conference 14-17 September, Riga, Latvia 
RSV: a global health challenge 9-13 November, Stellenbosch, South Africa  
ISIRV: Options for the Control of Influenza VIII 5-10 September 2013, Cape Town, South Africa
Influenza 2013: One Influenza, One World, One Health  17-19 September 2013, Oxford, UK
4th Annual World Congress of Virus and Infection (WCVI-2013) 30 July - 1 August 2013, Wuhan, China
15th International Negative Strand Virus Meeting  16-21 June 2013, Grenada, Spain 
ISIRV: 2nd International Symposium on Neglected Influenza Viruses   7-8 March 2013, Dublin, Ireland
ISIRV-AVG: Severe Influenza: Burden, Pathogenesis and Management   29-31 October 2012, Hanoi, Viet Nam 
Influenza 2012: One Influenza, One World  11-13 September 2012, Oxford, UK
ISIRV: Incidence, Severity and Impact 2012  5-8 September 2012, Munich, Germany
3rd International Influenza Meeting  2-4 September 2012, Munster, Germany
8th International Symposium on Avian Influenza  1-4 April 2012, London, UK

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1st International Meeting on Respiratory Pathogens

Furama Riverfront, Singapore

This ISIRV conference aims to be the world's premier respiratory pathogens (viruses, bacteria and others) meeting, covering a range of topics from emerging diseases, epidemiology, immunology, diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics, and clinical management.

SAVE THE DATE 2 - 4 June 2015 

4th ISIRV-AVG Conference 

The University of Texas at Austin, Texas USA

Novel Antiviral Therapies for Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses : Bench to Bedside

This conference will focus on the pre-clinical and clinical development of therapeutics for influenza and other respiratory viruses, including RSV, SARS, MERS-CoV.

SAVE THE DATE 15 - 17 April 2015 

3rd International Symposium on Neglected Influenza Viruses

The Georgia Center at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA USA

This 3rd International Symposium on Neglected Influenza Viruses will retain the format and build on the success of the first two meetings held in Florida (2010) and Dublin (2013). This conference will explore the latest surveillance data, vaccination and control strategies, diagnostic techniques, experimental research data and epidemiological and economic impact studies relating to swine, canine and other non-human/non-avian influenza viruses.