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AVG Membership

Membershipof the isirv-AVG is open to all members of isirv. To assist participation in the various activities and potential contribution to information/website content, members are asked to indicate their particular interests/areas of expertise in relation to the list ofAreas of Interest(below).

Please contact us to discuss membership of isirv-AVG.  Members will receive regular communication on features of interest to the group.

Areas of interest (including principal activities)

A. Clinical use of antivirals: Clinical use
  Guidance/advice (in relation to Public Health)
  Current developments (clinical trials)
B. Resistance emergence: Resistance monitoring
  Characteristics of resistant mutants
  Resistant virus panel (update and distribution)
  Methodology (standardisation; analysis)
  Molecular mechanisms of resistance
  Animal studies (clinical significance)
C. Antiviral development (pre-clinical): Current developments
  Novel targets
  Therapeutic antibodies
  Molecular mechanisms of action
  Animal studies (in vivo efficacy)
D. Information exchange/ education: Website organization/content
  Newsletter (6 monthly)   

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