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Karoline Bragstad, NIC, Oslo, Norway

Dr. Karoline Bragstad

Senior Scientist, NIC, Norway

Dr Bragstad has a background in molecular biology and virology and both her Masters degree and Ph.D. have been within the field of molecular biology of influenza virus.

She was first introduced to the influenza virus by Dr. Lars Haaheim and Dr. Rebecca Cox in Bergen, Norway, in 1999, and from that point, her key focus has been on influenza surveillance and research. During her professional career she has covered many aspects within the field of influenza; surveillance of respiratory viruses, universal influenza DNA vaccine research, development of various assays for detection of influenza virus, immunity towards influenza, influenza in birds and pigs, and surveillance for and assay development within influenza antiviral drug resistance. Her research has led to several international publications, and is credited with the discovery of the first antiviral drug resistant A(H1N1pdm09) virus.

In 2011, after more than eight years of influenza-work at the Department of Virology and National Influenza Centre (NIC) for WHO at SSI, Copenhagen, Denmark, she replaced Dr. Lars P. Nielsen as head of NIC Denmark. In 2014, she joined forces with Olav Hungnes at the NIC Norway, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway, with the main focus being on influenza virus surveillance and antiviral drug resistance. She is also active in international surveillance of influenza and a member of the EISN Task Group 2 (Molecular diagnosis and sequencing).


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