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OPTIONS X - Pre-conference Workshop

School of Influenza - Preparation Session

28 August  9am-1pm  Suntec Convention Centre ( OPTIONS X Venue)

COST :  SGD $50

About the course -

This is an education programme aimed at young scientists that provides a comprehensive grounding in influenza virus with opportunity to interact with world-renowned experts in this field.

The School is aimed at graduate students and young scientists who are starting, or in the early stages of a career in influenza, public health, surveillance, research or product development. The original concept for the ISIRV School was to provide a comprehensive understanding of influenza viruses, as well as many aspects of control and prevention strategies for influenza. This mini School will provide participants with the background and content for maximal understanding and learning at the OPTIONS X meeting.


The scientific programme is an intensive 1/2 day before the start of the OPTIONS X meeting with presentations by world renowned experts and academics that will provide participants with a comprehensive scientific grounding in many aspects of influenza ranging from theoretical concepts to basic techniques used in research and surveillance. The course is designed for a minimum of 30 students and around 80 students are expected.

          Course Chair - Professor Rebecca Cox
 Introduction to Influenza (past and present) and Human Influenza
 Professor Fred Hayden
 University of Virginia School of Medicine, USA
 Influenza at the Human Animal Interface
 Professor Malik Peiris
 Hong Kong University School of Public Health, Hong Kong
 Influenza Virus Structure, Replication, Pathogenesis and Diagnostic Tools
 Professor Wendy Barclay
 Imperial College London, UK

 Influenza Vaccines and Immune Correlates of Protection
 Professor Rebecca Cox
 University of Bergen, Norway

 Next Generation 'Universal' Vaccines
 Professor Florian Krammer
 Icahn School of Medicine, USA
  Mechanisms of Action and Resistance of Antivirals
  A/Professor Hassan Zaraket
  American University of Beirut, Lebanon
  Antiviral Effectiveness plus
  Summary of Future Perspectives on Prevention of Influenza
  Professor Jonathan Van Tam
  University of Nottingham, UK