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G.K Balasubramani (Bala), Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Department of Epidemiology, Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute, University of Pittsburgh, USA

G.K. Balasubramani web pic

Bala is Associate Professor and Statistician at the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Epidemiology, focused on statistical and epidemiological investigations of large multicenter clinical trials research. Bala has made significant contributions to seven major studies and over 25 other projects and published 115 peer-reviewed research papers as an investigator and a primary statistician. Bala is also a recipient of the Young Statistician award from the International Statistical Institute, Netherlands.

His current primary research interests are on Influenza infectious disease vaccine effectiveness, hospitalized inpatient and outpatient COVID-19 surveillance, and also on ophthalmologic advances through Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) research. He is a Principal Investigator for the recently funded study ‘Clarifying the Optimal Application of SLT Therapy’ (COAST) by the United States National Institutes of Health- National Eye Institute ( He is collaborating with the investigators in the University of Pittsburgh Department of Family Medicine on influenza vaccine effectiveness, SARS-CoV-2 research funded by CDC, and MERCK study on Epidemiology, Burden of RSV infection in adults. Since 2011, Bala has been Co-Investigator for three of the CDC’s US Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Network studies (US Flu VE). He coordinates the Data Management and Statistics core for the CDC’s outpatient, inpatient influenza vaccine effectiveness and new vaccine surveillance network. The trial network recognizes influencing national and international influenza vaccine policy for the northern hemisphere vaccine a year and a half ago