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Janet Daly 3

Dr Janet Daly

Professor in Viral Zoonoses, University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Research

Chair of the ISIRV Neglected Influenza Viruses Group

The focus of Dr Daly’s research is on RNA viruses, in particular, their epidemiology and evolution and the development and testing of vaccines and diagnostic tests for influenza A viruses. Janet has been involved in the development and application of new methods to measure immune responses to infection and vaccination in ‘neglected’ species such as the horse. Janet has extensive experience of strain surveillance of equine influenza A viruses gained while a PhD student at the Animal Health Trust. She continues to work with researchers from around the world on canine and equine influenza surveillance.

In collaboration with mathematical modellers, Janet has been involved in the development of models to predict the likelihood of vaccine breakdown and occurrence of outbreaks in equine populations. In the field of human influenza, Janet studied the genetic and immunological safety of DNA vaccines at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control and she was involved in studying neuraminidase inhibitors of influenza at GSK. Identification of transmission of equine influenza virus to foxhounds in the UK ignited an interest in understanding molecular and cellular pathogenesis, host range restrictions and transmissibility. More recently, Janet has extended these studies to influenza D viruses.


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