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Jean-Michel Héraud
Head, Virology Unit and National Influenza Center, Institute Pasteur from Madagascar, Antananarivo, Madagasgar

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Country of Residence: Madagascar

Dr Jean-Michel Héraud, acquired a broad experience in infectious disease and public health, obtained through his years of work at the Institut Pasteur from French Guiana, where he studied wide variety of pathogens including the arboviruses (Yellow fever, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Dengue Fever) and Q fever. He worked several years, during his PhD studies at the Institut Pasteur from French Guiana and as a Post-Doctoral fellowship at the NIH studies, on addressing immune response and correlates of immune protection in animal models (non-human primate) experimentally infected with Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus (HTLV) or Monkeypox.

In 2007, Dr Héraud became Director of the National Influenza Center at the Institut Pasteur from Madagascar (IPM) then Chief of the Virology unit in 2010. During this period, he actively participated to the development of the Influenza Surveillance in partnership with Ministry of Health including set-up and implementation of ILI and SARI surveillance in the entire country and building capacity. As head of the virology Unit, he now leads several public health and research programs covering a broad variety of topics  including Influenza and other respiratory viruses, Arboviruses, Hepatitis, Zoonotic pathogens.

Dr Héraud is member of steering committee of the National Fever Surveillance Network in Madagascar and of the International Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Consortium (ISARIC). He also acts as technical advisor for the Malagasy Ministry of Health for Influenza and MERS-CoV matters. Dr Héraud co-organized the first African Network for Influenza Surveillance and Epidemiology (ANISE) meeting in Johannesburg in 2009.