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OVERVIEWExternal ICC Belfast

Since its inception in 1996, this International RSV Symposium remains the most long-running meeting to specifically address all issues surrounding RSV. The event has a well-earned reputation and has seen continual growth in both meeting attendance and abstract presentation. It remains the premier meeting to bring together leading scientists, students, non-profits, regulators, sponsors, and leaders in industry from all over the world to discuss past and current efforts to understand, treat, and hopefully one day prevent RSV disease.

RSV2020 follows on the success of RSV2018, held in Asheville, N.Carolina, USA. The Asheville conference was a testament to the growing interest in this field, with over 500 attendees and more than 250 abstracts submitted.

RSV2020 will draw upon the latest cutting-edge research from the RSV Community and will deliver a scientific meeting of equally top-level educational quality. We look forward to greeting you at the ICC Waterfront Hall and exchanging ideas on this challenging subject.

There is also much to interest the visitor to Belfast, so spend some time - a warm welcome awaits Four Leaf Clover on Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5

16012 Giant s Causeway Visitor Information Centre