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Date   14 - 16 June 2017

Venue:  Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel, Shanghai, China 

Title:      Prevention and Treatment of Respiratory Virus Infections: Antivirals, Traditional Therapies, Probiotics and
             Host-Directed Interventions

Expected Participants: >250


The 5th ISIRV-AVG Conference, organised in conjunction with the Shanghai Public Health Center and Fudan University, will focus on progress in combatting respiratory virus infections (RVIs) with vaccines and therapeutics, including novel antiviral approaches. The programme will also address regional issues, including the impact of RVIs in Asia; the ever-present threat of highly pathogenic zoonotic infections by, for example, novel influenza virus subtypes (H5N1, H5N6, H7N9) and novel coronaviruses (SARS, MERS-CoV); and the use/effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicines.

This Conference will provide a forum for clinicians, public health specialists and medical scientists to present their research and discuss current and future trends in diagnostics, development of antivirals and other therapeutics and clinical management, against a backdrop of emerging, potential pandemic, threats.

The programme features:

Keynote lectures on ‘Threats at the animal-human interface’, ‘Burden of respiratory virus disease’ and ‘Advances in vaccines for RVIs’.

Symposium sessions covering Novel coronaviruses, RVI therapeutics, Development of influenza antivirals, Clinical management and Clinical research issues.

Sessions of original papers selected from submitted abstracts and poster sessions.

                               The Bund