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  2. OPTIONS XII 29 Sept-2 Oct 2024 Brisbane, Australia
OPTIONS for the Control of Influenza XII

Eeva Broberg, Expert in Virology, ECDC, Stockholm

Eeva Broberg

Country of Residence: Stockholm

Eeva Broberg works as an expert in virology at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in Stockholm, Sweden. In her role as the Deputy Head of the Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses Disease programme, she focuses on surveillance and threat detection of all diseases incorporated in the programme, chiefly influenza. Her work also involves coordinating the European Reference Laboratory Network for Human Influenza (ERLI-Net). In addition, she is involved in the development of HIV resistance monitoring on a pan-European level.

Associate professor Broberg has an MSc in biochemistry and a PhD in virology and immunology from the University of Turku, Finland, where she has also taught as an assistant lecturer in the Department of Virology. There she was also involved throughout her research career in virologic diagnostics as the Department hosts a large diagnostic service laboratory.

After graduation in 2004, Eeva worked as a research scientist in non-clinical central nervous system drug development at Orion Pharma, Finland. But her calling for academia and virology led her in 2006 to join the group of Prof. David M Knipe at Harvard Medical School to pursue a post-doctoral fellowship. During the fellowship, she focused on the development of a HIV vaccine on the basis of herpes simplex virus vectors. After returning to the University of Turku, she completed a second post-doctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Prof. Timo Hyypiä, where she researched the molecular epidemiology of rhinoviruses.

She has throughout her career been committed to public health, virology and diagnostics.