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Stockholm IMG 3494 Photo Tove Freij High res 

The ISIRV Epidemiology Group and ECDC are holding an influenza epidemiology meeting at the ECDC HQ in Stockholm 16-18 January 2019.
This follows the “Incidence, Severity and Impact of Influenza” meeting in Paris in January 2016 and the Epi Panel at Options IX in Chicago.
This meeting will focus on defining, assessing and monitoring incidence, severity and impact of influenza and other respiratory viruses. Building bridges between the epidemiology, modeling, public health and clinical communities will provide a forum for fruitful discussions and inspire new research. 

The programme will address 6 key topics:

Linking clinical research and surveillance

What happens outside the hospital?

Learning from individual clinical and patient-reported outcomes

Predicting outcomes on the individual and population level

Advancing public health surveillance of severity

Epidemiological methods and challenges in high and low resource settings