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Emanuele Montomoli, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Siena

Emanuele Montomoli was born on 26 September 1968 in Siena, Italy. He graduated in 1988 from the Technical School in Siena as an expert industrial chemist. He graduated in 1997 in Human Biology discussing a thesis entitled "Optimisation of the use of MDCK cell cultures (Madin Darby canine kidney) for the epidemiological control of influenza". In 2002 he graduated discussing his thesis entitled "Purification of haemagglutinin of the type B influenza virus through isoelectric focalisation". In 1994 he was awarded a position assistant at the Hygiene Institute of the University of Siena. On 2 July 2002 he participated in a competition in the Procedure of Comparative Evaluation for a single posting as Associated University Professor, at the University of Turin, for the scientific sector MED/42 (General and Applied Hygiene). On 28 October 2002 he was appointed by the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Siena.

During his studies he conducted research on epidemiological and microbiological field, particularly during the influenza season when he carries out the epidemiological and virological surveillance of the respiratory viruses circulating in Italy. Since 1994, he has carried out seroepidemiological research in order to evaluate the immune state of the population toward influenza viruses. Since 1995 he has mostly overseen clinical trials of influenza vaccines, in order to evaluate their immunogenicity and reactogenicity. Since 2002 he is the Head of Molecular Epidemiology Research Division at the University of Siena. He is the author of more than thirty articles with a total Impact Factor of 142, as well as numerous abstracts and letters, published in Italian and international scientific journals. In 2011 he was in the Organized Committee of the "Summer School on Influenza" in Italy. He is member of isirv since 2005.