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Rebecca Cox, Professor of Medical Virology and Head of the Influenza Centre at the University of Bergen


Country of Residence: Norway

Rebecca Cox is Professor of Medical Virology and Head of the Influenza Centre at the University of Bergen, Norway. Rebecca Cox completed her Ph.D. in 1995 at the London Hospital Medical College, University of London, UK with Professor John Oxford on the immune response to Influenza vaccines in man. She then had post doc. positions at Guys Hospital, UK and at the University of Bergen under Professor Lars Haaheim. In 2000 she was appointed lecturer in Medical Virology, University of Bergen continued from 2001 as a Research Scientist. In 2008 she was appointed head of the Influenza Centre with a current staff of 7 and from 2009 Professor in Medical Virology. Her research has focused on preclinical and clinical research into seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines and is currently funded by the European Union, Norwegian Research Council and the Department of Health. The main areas of research are preclinical research and development of novel adjuvants and influenza vaccines, clinical trials of new influenza vaccines from phase I to IV with focus on detailed characterisation of the immune response.

Rebecca has over 70 peer-reviewed publications in journals or book chapters Rebecca is a member of The Norwegian Influenza Pandemic committee, which provides advice to the Ministry of Health and Care Services. She has served as an expert reviewer for investigator-initiated trials for the European Union and for influenza vaccines to the vaccine industry. She has been invited to the World Health Organization meetings on pandemic vaccines and Broad Spectrum and Long-lasting Immune Responses and served as an advisor to the European Medicines Agency on Scientific Aspects of Serological assays.