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 ABSTRACT SUBMISSION                                     Deadline 9 January 2023     

Abstracts of original research, for both oral and poster presentations, are positively encouraged. 
  • Correlates of protection of current influenza vaccines
  • Correlates of protection for next generation/ universal influenza vaccines
  • Immune responses and immunological assays for influenza
  • Regulatory challenges for next generation of influenza vaccines
  • Correlates of protection for SARS-CoV-2 and broadly protective coronavirus vaccines

Notification of acceptance will be sent by 20 January 2023

Publication: Upon submission of an abstract, the author provides consent to allow ISIRV to publish the abstract in the Programme/Abstract Book, and post on the ISIRV website

Co-Author Approval: Please ensure that all co-authors approve of the abstract submission, publication, and potential presentation

Author Disclosure: All abstract authors are required to disclose any conflict of interest.

Changes to Abstract: You are able to edit your abstract until the submission deadline. Once abstract submission closes, only minor abstract changes (author or institution changes, disclosure, keyword or questionnaire updates) are allowed.

The deadline for minor updates and all withdrawals is 9 January 2023. Any corrections, withdrawals and/or changes may not be accepted after this date.

 All enquiries to