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New Group is announced - International Respiratory Syncytial Virus Society

In mid-2017, the International Respiratory Syncytial Virus Society became a special interest group of isirv.

The IRSVS is a global independent group of RSV professionals, with members from all continents working on all research fronts. The IRSVS’s goal is to ensure that there is a succession of venues to share scientific information and accelerate the development of strategies to reduce the impact of RSV infection.

Lance Jennings, Chairman of isirv, announced the new arrangement in his New Year letter to isirv members. He said, “I am pleased to let you know that the International Respiratory Syncytial Virus Society became another Special Interest Group of isirv in 2017.”

Peter Openshaw, Chairman of IRSVS said: “I am delighted that the long-established informal society has now formally become the International RSV Society under the auspices of isirv. It will strengthen our 20 year mission to enhance basic and applied studies of RSV and give us the enormous benefits of isirv’s services and support. I look forward to working within isirv in a mutually beneficial and successful partnership.”

More information can be found on the IRSVS tab.

If you would like to join the IRSVS mailing list please write to (subject line Subscribe IRSVS)