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Hui-Ling Yen, University of Hong Kong

Dr Hui-Ling Yen

University of Hong Kong

Dr. Hui-Ling Yen is currently an Honorary Assistant Professor at the Division of Public Health Laboratory Sciences, School of Public Health, at the University of Hong Kong. She received a Ph.D in Epidemiological Science in 2005 from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and carried out her post-doctoral training at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, USA.

Her research interests focus on understanding the mechanisms facilitating the transmission of influenza A Virus among and between different reservoirs, exploring the potential virus-host interactions that affect viral pathogenicity and the host clinical outcome, and examining the molecular determinants that confer antiviral resistance. She has worked at understanding the fitness of neuraminidase inhibitor resistance variants of seasonal and zoonotic influenza viruses with pandemic potential.

Dr Yen is a full member of the American Society of Virology, and Editor at Antiviral Research and an Academic Editor at PLoS ONE.


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